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    Explore: the basic working principle of the filter and use

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    Many ways, suspension filter in three ways, and the dregs layer filtration, deep bed filtration and sieving in three ways, the following the Wo beneficial purification equipment manufacturing experts them out for three.

    Residue layer filter: In the initial filter media can only intercept some of the larger solid particles and floating debris impurities, and small-like particles is less than the pores of the filter medium, small particles of impurities from the pores of the filter media. The filter residue after this time will form a filter layer for filtering will play an important role, the size of the particles were blocked down.

    Deep bed filtration: The filter media is relatively thick, the case containing solids in suspension, with emphasis on the particles is less than the pores of the filter media. Filter when the particles enter after adsorption, so easy to the embassy to plug in the pore.

          Sieve: after filtration, leaving the solid particles are larger than the pores of the filter medium, so that it can smooth the debris particles filtered out. For example: the tumble of the filter, in fact, these three filtering methods are complementary to each other. The above three points is important to bear in mind, the filter will play a great help to us


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