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      HGF Glass Fiber Paint Separator

      Using long glass fiber to make into a conformation of the increase in
      density by non-woven process
      The glass fibers are strong, resilient, and with high efficiency, low
      resistance characteristic to catch paint mist
      The structure of gradually increase the density of fibers can block
      particles of various sizes at the levels of different density. It has
      a large capacity of dust quantity
      Under higher air velocity the separator will still maintain the
      original shape. It has advantages of low cost and long service life
      With good temperature tolerance, operating temperature can reach
      With good wet fastness, operating humidity can be100%RH
      Coloring differentiates the direction of catching dust, the white as
      a inlet side and the green as a outlet side
      Can be with galvanized steel or aluminum alloy frame and also
      expanded metal on the exhaust side, to effectively prevent deformation
      of the separator under high-speed airflow

      Suitable as pre-filter of fresh air in general air conditioning system,
      as well as exhaust gas filter in paint mist exhaust system on the floor
      of dry spray booth

      ===Common specifications===





    Common Size

    60mmT1m20m 60mmT2m20m

    100mmT1m20m 100mmT2m20m

    Average Trapping Efficiency



    Initial Pressure Drop



    Final Pressure Drop



    Heat Resistance


    HEFIL makes various other models of HGF separator not listed the above table. Please consult with us if you need.


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